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My full name is Nasbly Kalinina Barrera Rodríguez, I graduated from Fermin Toro University  in 2002 with a degree in law throughout the five years of study I enjoyed the subjects that were taught at the uni. My main task was to research and write my thesis entitled A Comparative Study of the Venezuelan and Spanish Copyright Laws.  This project lasted about nine months in which time I travelled to other cities in my country in order to cover as many aspects as possible.  During this time I realised that Intellectual Property is a fantastically interesting aspect of the law – forever developing with changing customs and business relations within societies.

The thesis was graded as ‘Excellent’.  While many of my colleagues at Fermin Toro worked in pairs, I decided to undertake this piece of work individually – as a personal test of my own information gathering skills and also as a true reflection of my own work.

As a part of my educational goals, after finishing my law degree I decided to go toEnglandto met a completely different and interesting culture and learn the best English of the world, as many people said. Also, I considered it would give me experiences to write fantastical stories based in true life.

I gave myself 2 years to learn good English however, I found that the new language was even more difficult that any subject that I had to study at the law school. I had to spend more time practicing that any of my class mate and inclusive to start to create my own techniques to dominate the language.

In March, 2004 I gratefully past the IELTS test and after living inEnglandfor that long I decided to stay in the country to further my studies and improving my English. Having that on mind I made a new search and I found a very nice course about Events Management at Leeds Metropolitan University where I graduate in 2005.

My life at Leeds would chance completely so; I had to confront many difficult situations like the harassment of my former house mate who apparently has mental problems. It was making me feel dreadful, I got ill with the stress and felt completely alone but I decided to stay in Leeds and carry on with my studies.

However, thanks to that experience and having the possibility of learning how to manage with all that pressure on the different student’s service that the uni offers; I got the best opportunity as a writer: my first publication! For the student Union Magazine (LIME Life at the Met, issue one, UK 2005 pages 21 and 22).

In the meanwhile, things started to become worse when my mother got a hard attack so, I had to came back home.

Here, I was a lawyer and an events manager without enough experience, a bilingual without a translation certificate and a writer without the possibility of making a name in a country which no offers copyright’s protection. So, after meditate for a long time; I found that at teaching I could mix all my knowledge at the time that I make a noble labour and get experience on the most import job of all: the education of my own children when God decides to give me them.

Teaching has been the best work I have ever done. It has made me grow up as a person, leader, communicator, as well, improve many other skills; however, I true believe that teaching is a vocation that people have to show inside and outside the classroom. The responsibility is titanic but the satisfaction of seeing the student’s progress pays it back so,  I sincerely believe that help people is equal to give them the necessary tools to succeed.

In August, 2013 I got my Master Degree in Linguistic and since then I have been working so hard on my first novel, so I hope one day get it publish and become a well known writer.

Others Courses

Year Course
2010 Speech analyzer
2009 Business Etiquete
2002 to  2004 English course. ISIS School of English. UK
2004 Skills for Learning Workshops: Excel. Leeds Met
2004 Skills for Learning Workshops: PowerPoint. Leeds Met
2002 Judicial informatics. Universidad Fermín Toro. Barquisimeto. Venezuela
2001 Copyright and related rights. Barquisimeto
2000 Intellectual Property law.  Colegio de Abogados del Estado Zulia.
1999 Judicial Oratory. Universidad Fermin Toro.
1998 Oratory. Centro Educativo Acrópolis. Barquisimeto
1998 Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint. D.P.I Centro de  Entrenamiento, c.a. Barquisimeto
1996 to 1998 Modelling. FS Center S.R.L Academia y Agencia de Modelaje. Barquisimeto.

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  1. clelia apaza alvarez dice:

    Amiga felicitaciones¡¡¡ que orgullo haberte conocido en Chile. Un abrazo y que sigan los éxitos.

    con cariño Clelia

  2. classic rock dice:

    What a material of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious experience regarding
    unpredicted feelings.


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